About me

Hello ! I'm a young developer who try funny things and I love network stuff !
I bought this domain to host somes websites, but also
to create my own email address to help the web to be decentralized
and a seedbox to support sharing free projects and a lot of other cool stuff...

Self-hosting is one of my principle knowledge ressources ; it learned me lots of things :)

About this server

My architecture is based on different virtual machines emulated with KVM/VirtIO.
Security by isolation

About supervision and security

All posts are monitored and run on isolated virtual networks.
On each post are installed theses packages : Fail2Ban - ClamAV - AIDE - RkHunter
The "Web" virtual machine also run ModSecurity.

Backups management

Make backups is important,
it's why I have a RAID-1 combined with encrypted regular online backups

  • Router

    • Distribute connections between services and active firewall
    • Based on pfSense with Snort's IDS
  • WEB

    • A web server a bit enhanced
    • Packages :
      Apache2 - PHP7 - MariaDB - NodeJS - WebSocket Server
  • MAIL

    • A mail server with no-tolerance spam and conform to RFCs
    • Packages :
      Postfix - Dovecot - Spamassassin - OpenDKIM
  • SDB : Seedbox

    • A seedbox to support free projects
    • Packages : Transmission
  • ETH : Dwarf relay

    • An ethereum relay (no mining)
    • Packages : geth
  • TOR : Tor Relay

    • Help powering digital resistance
    • Packages : Tor
  • CRAFT : Test server

    • A testing server, where I try new technologies
      (like, actually, a nodejs website)
  • NAS

    • Share files between cloud access and seedbox
    • Packages : samba
  • EYE : Supervision centre

    • Help supervision of all VMs
    • Based on Centreon - a free Nagios clone

My works

  • Paranoid Sysadmin

    01/01/2018 - Online :

    A blog where I talk about computer security.

  • Club Débat d'Épistémologie Politique

    DATE - Offline

    An association where members try to find the best way to have a raionnal debate
    I made the website and configure the WebSocket server.

  • UPBGE Domain

    DATE - Online :

    A project of fork of the Blender Game Engine, follow by more than 100 people in the world.
    I configured web and mail servers and created the websites.

  • Intercambio France-Mexique

    DATE - Offline

    A web platform used during an academic Franco-Mexican exchange
    I made the website and was supervised by a SysAdmin.

Personnal skills

  • In a engineering curriculum
  • Bac S option engineering science with mention
  • Languages : English (B1/B2), Spanish (B1) and French (native)
  • Autonomous, serious and very attentive
  • Love learning new things from everywhere

Hardware and OS-level competences

GNU/Linux Network Pentesting Technological Watch
From Debian to Arch, I'm in charge of production servers and personal computers under GNU/Linux Knowledges in networks, from TCP/IP to OSI Model Very security-centered, love OWASP and audits with my somes basic skills in pentesting From blogs to mail-lists, I stay informed about the technological world and its evolutions

Programmation languages competences

Front-end Back-end



JS :
Bootstrap :
JQuery :
Python :
C :


Mail : (GPG)